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Android/iPhone App

android iphone appy camper appAppy Camping was developed by Future Farm Inc. to help RV's and campers find the best camping spots in the United States. We started with research and went to wire frames, a specification, and then design. The application navigates campers to the best site in their area based on campsite features they desire. This application is in the process of going nationwide. Future Farm created the name, the wire frames, and the process for synching up a website with the application in real time. The application has built in navigation and uses an ad model for monetization.

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Android/iPhone App

android iphone master that came to Future Farm Inc. for help with designing and implementing an application that serves up user created content for the weatherization industry. Future Farm conducted research on how to monetize the application, developed a specification, and designed a new logo and website. The applications and the website update each other via XML feeds and allow the company to keep the application fresh without new releases or recompiling.

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Facebook App

facebook app dunny fridgeThe Dunny Fridge is a flash-based facebook app currently in the early stages of development. Click around our example, find coins, share with friends, and more...

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iPhone App

iphone app subway bingoSubway Bingo is an iphone app launched in 2010. Random bingo screens are generated. As you spot one of the spaces you simply touch the square to mark as found. Get five spaces marked (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) and you've won.

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